Hotsy is #1 for a reason. Make the wise choice like so many others have...Trust Hotsy!

With so many competing brands of pressure washers, deciding which one you need is often overwhelming. If you’re going to make an investment in a pressure washer, you want it to last. You get what you pay for, so buyer beware!

Hotsy is the clear choice - one look tells you these are rugged industrial-grade pressure washers designed for everyday use. Our products are the “muscle cars” of pressure washers; we offer quality equipment built for long-lasting performance.

Hotsy pressure washers are the right choice – here's why:

  • Hotsy has engineered over 80 models of hot-water pressure washers with Hotsy’s trademark high-efficiency upright burner and coil for maximum heat transfer.
  • Hotsy equipment is built with quality construction - the frames are welded, not bolted together; we use polyethylene tanks instead of metal tanks that won’t rust. Our engineers factory test equipment before introducing it into the marketplace.
  • Hotsy high-pressure pumps feature NESTechnology™ which uses U-Seals where the pump actually “nests” the seals of the pump’s high-pressure packing assembly in place, supporting the side walls, and resulting in greatly increased seal life.
  • All Hotsy standard pressure washers are ETL-Certified, which means they are engineered for safety. Many online models do not have this certification.
  • When you buy a Hotsy - you begin a relationship with yor local Hotsy dealer. No one knows cleaning better than the Hotsy team! You gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. When you buy online or at a big box retailer, who are you gonna call if you need service or a new part? With Hotsy, rest assured, we’ve got your back!
  • Hotsy products are known for their longevity. The trade-in values are known to be the nation’s best because our pressure washers are built better and last longer.
  • Hotsy Financing programs are available to qualified buyers. Choose from a wide variety of financing options to suit your individual needs. All Hotsy representatives are well versed on our finance programs—simply contact your local Hotsy dealer for details.
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